“Great experience. Dr. Carabasi and his staff are wonderful. They made me feel very secure.”

Phyllis B, 2016

“I would have scheduled my procedures much sooner if I knew it was going to be such a positive experience. I feel so much better and didn’t realize how serious my condition was. Now I feel relieved. Dr. Carabasi and all of his staff were incredible and I’m so happy my doctor referred me to Advanced Vein & Vascular Center.”

Pamela M, 2016

“Professional staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable. My legs are so much better. I didn’t think I would ever feel this good again.”

L. S., 2015

“Dr. Carabasi runs a professional, efficient, and friendly practice. He offers w warm bedside manner combined with expertise, knowledge and experience. A winning Combination.”

C. D., 2014

“My experience at Dr. Carabasi’s office has been exceptional. The staff is professional, very efficient, and friendly. Dr. Carabasi’s ablation procedure has changed my lift. Thank you so much for being so competent in your profession.”

M. K., 2016

“This was my 2nd time around and I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. Dr. Carabasi and his staff are wonderful people who make this a pleasant experience.”

K. S., 2015

“As I told Dr. Carabasi at my first visit, ‘I think your office stands out above and beyond all others I have gone to. The friendliness and helpfulness of each person I’ve dealt with has been wonderful.”

V. K., 2014

“I went in to having my procedure very hesitant and scared and came out looking and feeling great. I would highly recommend Dr. Carabasi and his most competent colleagues to anyone and everyone. I was totally satisfied with my results.”

T. G., 2014

“The entire experience was painless and comfortable. Everyone was wonderful! I would definitely recommend all my friends and family.”

J. K., 2016

“The staff at Advanced Vein & Vascular Center is extremely professional and welcoming. Their expertise is superb and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking vascular treatment!”

J. P., 2015

“I was extremely pleased with my experience at Advanced Vein & Vascular ]. My results were terrific and now I won’t dread wearing shorts and skirts in the Summer!”

C. C., 2015

“Excellent doctor-patient bedside communication! Dr. Carabasi is a highly skilled physician.”

Merole Concordia, 2014

“For 30 plus years, I have been bothered by my vein in my left leg. Not only the appearance of it but the swelling of my ankle and not feeling comfortables in my jeans. The left leg always felt tight in my jeans. I have gone to other vascular surgeons and even had that vein stripped 30 years ago.

Finally, I have equal legs! No more swelling or discomfort and both legs feel the same in a pair of jeans. Thanks to Dr. Carabasi. As mentioned to the doctor and staff it was Dr. Carol Fleighman, my general physician who directed me to the best vascular surgeon, Dr. Carabasi. Having said this I am now passing along to others my good fortune.

My brother-in-law Dr. Dave White, a university professor at St. Joe’s will be calling for an appointment very soon and I forwarded your mail to him. I will be spreading the word to many others as well. I am currently away and never even came back in to the office to remove the small veins left behind. See you in the Spring and thanks again for making a huge change in my life!”

Nancy Gessner, 2013

“At 65, I figured the aching in my legs and the unsightly veins protruding from my calves were a fact of life, not to be changed. Doctor Carabasi and his staff pulled off the change of a lifetime when I actually saw the veins shrink to a quarter of their original size the first day and the leg pain disappear totally. It has now been over three months since the vein procedure, without a hitch. Would I do it again? Absolutely!”

Rich McLaughlin, 2011

“I am thrilled with my new legs – no more discomfort and when I’m on the golf tee, I forget about the ugly veins on the back of my legs. Let’s hope my golf game improves too! Thank you Dr. Carabasi!”

J. Lynch, MainLine (Phlebectomy and Closure patient)

“A huge thank you to Dr. Carabasi and all the staff at Main Line Legs. Not only do my legs look like they did before four pregnancies, I am amazed at how much better I feel. The daily fatigue and pain I experienced prior to the surgery has dissipated and my legs are no longer hot to the touch. The quick recovery time was also a huge plus. I highly recommend this procedure for anyone who suffers from varicose leg veins.”

Lisa C., Delaware, 2008

“Knowing your reputation as one of the country’s most accomplished vascular surgeons and your most recent position as chief of vascular surgery at Thomas Jefferson University speaks for itself in terms of my confidence in your clinical judgment. That confidence led me to seek the services provided by Susan Forman, your medical aesthetician with DaVinci Skin care, who has had a remarkable result for my adolescent daughter. Susan’s unquestioned integrity and ethics in addition to her years of training with some of the area’s top surgeons shows in terms of her genuine sincerity and most importantly her competence and clinical success.

I would recommend the services of Advanced Vein and Vascular for your vascular services as well as DaVinci skin care very highly to anyone who asks. Clearly, the highest compliment from a physician to another health care provider is when she sends her own family members – and a child at that – to be cared for by that provider. The treatment that my daughter received by you and your staff was clinically excellent and was also very warm and caring.”

D. Fleischer, M.D. 12/2008

“Dr. Carabasi performed vascular surgery on a Friday. I had no pain and drove in 2 days. Recovery is very fast and you can go back to your usual routine. I have already recommended this procedure to a friend. I highly recommend this procedure and it is not invasive. All questions were answered.”

Dorothy M. Donohue, 2007

“I am thankful I chose Dr. Anthony Carabasi. Dr. Carabasi performed the procedure known as radio frequency Closure. Dr. Carabasi was very attentive and caring. He visited me before the surgery and explained everything to me. I had complete trust in him. I was amazed that I felt no pain. I was quite satisfied with the results of the procedure. I sincerely appreciated the extra special treatment I received from all concerned in regards to this experience.”

Shirley A. Snow, 2007

“I used to have pain and didn’t feel like exercising. Now I feel great, exercise all the time, have lost 25 pounds, and NO MORE PAIN in the legs. I love it.”

Connie A. Scott, 2007

“April 27, 2007 I found out about Dr. Carabasi through my family members. I learned that Dr. Carabasi performs vascular surgeries and Closure procedures every week. I was interested in finding a physician with whom I could speak candidly. Dr. Carabasi explained in detail the procedures which I would undergo. I felt relaxed in his office and had the utmost confidence in his surgical expertise. I underwent a Closure procedure and then my bulging veins were removed.”

Eric, New Jersey

“I had suffered from swollen and fatigued legs for many years due to varicose veins. My wife had similar problems and went to Dr. Carabasi for radio frequency vein closure and vein removal. Her successful result gave me the impetus to have the procedure. I had radio frequency closure on both legs. The procedure was quick and comfortable. In fact, when I had my right leg done,. I drove home from Philadelphia with no pain or discomfort. I no longer have leg fatigue or swelling in my legs. I highly recommend Dr. Carabasi for his professionalism and patient care.”

Harry, New Jersey, May 5, 2007

“I am a middle age woman who has suffered from varicose veins for at least 20 years. I was treated by Dr. Anthony Carabasi in 2006 and in 2007. I had both the closure procedure and vein removal. Dr. Carabasi is a well known and respected physician – presently he is the director of vascular surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Dr. Carabasi was named Top Doc in Philadelphia magazine for his expertise in vascular surgery in 2006. I have found that Dr. Carabasi is a competent and caring vascular surgeon. He answered all of my questions both in the office and by phone. I was looking for a vascular surgeon who had performed many successful surgeries and vascular procedures over the years and one in whom I could feel confident. I found both of those traits in Dr. Carabasi. After my procedures, I encouraged members of my family to seek treatment from Dr. Carabasi.”

Eileen, New Jersey, April 27, 2007

“I have been a patient of Dr. Anthony Carabasi for approx: 10 years. Early on I underwent the traditional vein stripping. But, most recently over a period of a year, I have received the spider vein therapy. This procedure has been successful well beyond my expectations. This treatment involves painless injections of a fluid into the visible spider veins. Over a period of time these veins fade to the natural flesh color. My legs over this period have gone from dark blue lines, and patches, where I would not wear any clothing which would show my legs, to wearing shorts whenever I can. Anyone considering this procedure under Doctor Carabasi’s care comes highly recommended from this patient. Not to mention the friendly and comfortable atmosphere Dr. Carabasi provides.”

Jim Williams, 2008

“Nineteen years ago, Connie had her left leg surgically stripped and said, “I was in the hospital for a week, wrapped and bandaged, then off my feet for another three weeks.” Connie had her right leg vein treated with the Closure procedure. “I experienced no pain afterwards. I found that incredible in comparison with my previous experience. I had no scarring. It’s incredible, absolutely incredible. I’m looking forward to wearing a skirt this summer.””

Connie K.

“Over the last three to four years Brad experienced discomfort in his left leg, including aching, swelling, itching, hair loss, skin discolorations and sores. Brad had the Closure procedure done in December. “I can say the procedure was nearly painless. I walked out of the office and went Christmas shopping the next day. Most dramatically, my lower leg stopped swelling even after a full day on my feet. Now about twelve weeks later, the skin discolorations and vein protrusions have almost vanished and the hair has grown back where before there was none. I can hardly tell that I ever had a vein problem.”

Brad G.

“For years I have been hiding my legs because of unsightly spider veins. After only two sclerotherapy treatments the results are truly remarkable. Dr. Carabasi performs the procedure in the comfort of his office and the treatments are virtually painless. This is the best thing I have done for myself in years.

Dr. Carabasi is the most respected vein surgeon in the Philadelphia area, and I recommended him to all my friends. Thank you Dr. Carabasi, my legs are now free of spider veins and I can show them off with confidence.”

Eva S, 2006.



In the past two years, we have treated over 2 dozen physicians, including 4 dermatologists, 2 orthopedic surgeons, 2 chiropractors, 1 emergency physician, two GI physicians, 2 gynecologists, 2 anesthesiologists, 10 family/general practitioners, and over 5 dozen employees or family members from the offices of doctors who refer to us, as well as several dozen other nurses, techs, and related health care professionals. There must be a reason why so many “in the know” health care professionals choose the Advanced Vein & Vascular Center. We have had patients travel from as far as Minnesota, California, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, even Puerto Rico (another physician!) to be treated here. Put your legs in the trusted hands of the doctor other doctors trust – Dr. Anthony Carabasi and his staff!

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