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5 Tips for Relieving Varicose Veins during Pregnancy

pregnancy veinsVaricose veins are commonly associated with advancing age, but those bulging, unsightly lines that typically appear on the lower leg are also a common byproduct of pregnancy. There are a number of factors that contribute to the development of varicose veins during these nine important months, including hormonal fluctuations and an expanding uterus. While these veins will likely subside once your baby arrives, there are some steps you can take to relieve symptoms of varicose veins now. Check out these tips for varicose vein relief from Advanced Vein and Vascular Center.

Enjoy Daily Walks
If your veins are not too painful, a daily walk is good for your calf muscles and keeps blood pumping efficiently in your lower leg. By giving those lower leg vessels a boost, you can ease the strain and pressure of continuing to push blood against gravity and the body’s increasing weight. Just a short stroll around the mall or your neighborhood will give your legs the workout they need to remain healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Get Off Your Feet
While some walking can be beneficial, too much standing or sitting over extended periods of time can have the opposite effect. These positions add to the stress on the veins of the lower legs, increasing your odds of developing varicose veins or symptoms for veins that are already present. Counter the effects of sitting or standing by elevating your legs for a period of time each day. Putting up your feet gives lower leg veins a break, and may ease uncomfortable symptoms like aching or fatigued legs.

Stay Loose
There are many reasons to avoid tight-fitting clothing during your pregnancy, including relief from uncomfortable varicose veins. Keep your expanding waistline comfortable by choosing loose clothing that doesn’t bind. The same holds true for tight-fitting shoes – many women find their shoe size expands slightly during pregnancy, so go with a larger shoe during this time to keep your feet and your legs happy and comfortable.

Use Compression
Compression stockings are special socks that offer gradient support to make it easier for lower leg veins to pump blood back up the body to the heart. Compression hose and stockings are available by prescription, with the ability to customize the strength to your specific needs. You can also pick up compression socks over-the-counter that provide standard support often sufficient for the pregnancy months.

Most women find that varicose veins that appear during pregnancy tend to disappear within six weeks after the birth of their babies. If your veins do not subside on their own after your pregnancy, there are also a number of minimally-invasive varicose vein treatments that can eliminate unsightly, uncomfortable veins without a major disruption to your daily life. To learn more, contact Advanced Vein and Vascular Center at 610-200-6924.