What is exactly is “sclerotherapy” or “injections”?

Sclerotherapy, also referred to as injections, are injections of a solution, called a “sclerosing agent” with a super fine needle. Most patients feel little and tell us it does not hurt at all, although this will depend on what solution is used. The solution injected damages the inner wall of your spider veins, causing the shrinkage and destruction of the collagen, thereby causing them to shrivel up and eventually be absorbed by the body. This process takes several weeks to months, and requires pressure applied immediately after, and the wearing of compression socks or stockings for several days following treatment, and in order to achieve the best result. As the veins close off, the blood flow is interrupted and halted, thereby removing the unsightly spidery lines on your legs or other areas of the body. Before treating a patient for the first time with sclerotherapy, we will conduct a thorough exam to make sure there are no reasons you should not have this treatment. Depending on the outcome of that exam, we may be able to treat you the same day, or we may require you to have an ultrasound to determine the likelihood of success for you with this technique. If you are found to have larger underlying veins with faulty valves, or deep venous concerns, we will need to address those before wasting your time and money on injections – if you are found to have underlying problems which are not resolved, you will likely be unhappy with your result, as the spider veins will soon re-appear.

Before Sclerotherapy
After Sclerotherapy
sclero_pre sclero_post