“Veinwave” has been in wide use in Europe for over 8 years, and by more than 1000 physicians, but is just now coming to the United States. Veinwave is NOT a laser. Using electro-thermal energy for treating fine veins, Veinwave is best on the fine spider veins so often prevalent in folks over 40. Veinwave is perfect for the baby-boomer generation as we all try to stay wrinkle free and avoid the most obvious signs of aging, such as fine veins on the nose and face. Excellent on Rosacea as well, Veinwave treats the face with much less pain than a laser, in fact with very little pain at all – and with immediate results. You can return to normal activity – even return to work- without bandages or heavy make-up to cover-up. Unlike a laser treatment, patients can resume time in the sun immediately, though we recommend 24-48 hours out of direct sunlight just to be cautious. Also differing from laser, Veinwave can be used on any kind and color of skin – even on tan skin! See our Veinwave page for more information and pictures.

Before Veinwave
veinwave_pre1 veinwave_pre2


During Veinwave
Immediately After Veinwave
veinwave_during veinwave_post


2 Weeks After Veinwave
3 Weeks After Veinwave
veinwave_post2weeks veinwave_post3weeks


3 Months After Veinwave
veinwave_post3months veinwave_post3months2